My Work

Form time to time, I will be posting some of the work that I do on this site. I am considering putting together a portfolio, but until then, I will just be posting some random ads that I may happen to develop in my spare time or for various projects.


H&R Block

Here is the commercial we created for our ad bowl spot. This is what results when you shoot all night, but can not extract the sound from the video camera, so you do this at 3 AM a few hours before the submission is due. It is for H&R Block. We took “Most Humorous” for our spot as well, so hope you enjoy.

Copywriter: Jake Phillips and Jordan Youtz
Director: My MacBook

OU Ad Bowl Poster

So here is just a fun little ad I created to promote the OU ad clubs ‘Ad Bowl 2009’. The competition is to create a Super Bowl style commercial around a randomly selected brand (the brands are chosen due to their traditionally high profile commercials created for the Super Bowl). I threw this together and just played around with some variations in typography to give it some visual interest.

Just as a set up for the copy, our football team here at OU is traditionally not the greatest. It has kind of been a running joke for a number of years.


Copywriter: Jake Phillips
Art Director: Jake Phillips

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