Melt the ad and freeze the audience!

This is an extremely creative idea created by Greenpeace. Greenpeace is well known for the chaos they create, but this is actually one of their tamer approaches. However, the fact that it is tame does not mean that it’s not effective and also totally interesting. And the fact that they can come up with a unique ad about global warming when these campaigns have been done to death is equally impressive.

The idea:

The viewer walks by the billboard to find a frozen block of ice on the wall. However, throughout the day, the sun melts the ice to expose the copy behind the ice on the board. Also, the ice water drips down into a model of a cityscape, drowning the city in water. This melting ad will definitely makes some passers by freeze in the tracks. Very clever Greenpeace!


PS: I also really dig installation pieces, so this is really cool to me.


Take that Facebook

I found this ad again on Ads of the World (one of my favorite sites on the web). I absolutley love it. It is so clean and simple. They simply added a single letter to a well known icon among teens and college students to completely transform the pattern of thought. I love ads that can maintain such minimalism, yet make such a major impact.

And another reason I love this is because, over the last 4 or so years, I have seen facebook absolutely engulf the lives of college students. If they spent the time they are on facebook and instead read a book, this world would be a better place for it. I think this ad will make people think about their addictive habits to social networks like facebook.


Great ad out of Brickman Agency in Isreal!

OU Ad Bowl

So I am in this group at OU called the OU Ad Association. Every year, we hold a competition to create mock Super Bowl ads for some of the more notable brands we tend to see every year during the big game. I created a poster for the Ad Bowl to advertise the event we are holding to show off and judge each others ads. So my idea plays off the fact that, nearly every year, the game itself is overshadowed by the ads. Well, OU does not usually have an amazing football team (although we are getting better), so I kind of spoofed that a bit with my ad. Hopefully the football team can forgive me, or at least not hurt me. 


You knew it was coming!

I had to post it. You knew someone was gonna use the pun!


The Economist (BBDO)

Let’s start out with my favorite- The Economist (BBDO)


Pic 1) What a great use of surroundings! (My personal favorite)


Pic 2) A fantastic example of non-traditional medium that works so well with the imagery and the message. A balloon expands just as your brain expands from The Economist. Great!


Pic 3) Once again a fantastic use of outdoor media. Try not to be inspired by a giant light bulb turning on above your head!

This campaign, in my opinion, is the quintessential piece de resistance of advertising. With little, even sometimes no copy or imagery, these ads leave such a lasting and dramatic impact on the viewer. This is truly minimalism at its best. Carl Andre would be so proud!