Shake it up!

This is a very cool example of a new iPhone app. that was created by Dockers. It uses the accelerometer within the device to engage the dancerdockerdance (Dufron of  “Circle of Fire”) as the phone is shaken. There have been shakable apps before, but this is a good example of an established brand taking advantage of the new technology. The ad will be placed within mobile games. This placement is meant to catch the viewer in an already interactive mood, so they are more likely to encourage and appreciate the shakable interaction of the ad.

This is creative chaos taking hold. Interactive marketing is a major hot topic right now, and this new app. will certainly be a catalyst for change in the way even the biggest brands market. This will show marketers that in the new digital age, you must engage!

The full story can be read here at adage digital.


Melt the ad and freeze the audience!

This is an extremely creative idea created by Greenpeace. Greenpeace is well known for the chaos they create, but this is actually one of their tamer approaches. However, the fact that it is tame does not mean that it’s not effective and also totally interesting. And the fact that they can come up with a unique ad about global warming when these campaigns have been done to death is equally impressive.

The idea:

The viewer walks by the billboard to find a frozen block of ice on the wall. However, throughout the day, the sun melts the ice to expose the copy behind the ice on the board. Also, the ice water drips down into a model of a cityscape, drowning the city in water. This melting ad will definitely makes some passers by freeze in the tracks. Very clever Greenpeace!


PS: I also really dig installation pieces, so this is really cool to me.

Do Not Pass Go (without noticing this)!

I came across this piece of street art at It is a piece from Monopoly painted on the sidewalk. Its just  so beautifully obvious, but I am not sure if anyone has ever really done a full campaign like this before. This could be a great idea for a campaign for the right company, or just for Parker Brothers. Not sure if anyone has done it before though.


This should turn some heads! (That’s kind of an unintended pun if you think hard about it. Ah! The puns won’t stop)

How could you not create a little chaos with something like this shirt. I found it over at Just Kidding, But Seriously. I have had ideas similar to this for funny shirts, but this one is hard to beat (That is a really dirty pun. Sorry but somebody had to say it).


Play Muji

I came across this company on Adverblog. It is an interesting use of a well known medium, a calendar. Play Muji seems to be a company much like Ikea that we know here in the states. They appear to carry a lot of very stylish home  decor, storage, etc. They have created a flash website that is pretty clever in that instead of simply listing their products, they have created a product of the day sort of system using a calendar. I think this has a very interesting concept behind it that could be better utilized by advertisers and marketers. I see this as an opportunity to create an interactive online tool that users can use daily to keep track of their daily logs, but also be exposed to some cool new gadgets along the way. Kind of like those desktop “word of the day” calendars that re sold in every bookstore I have EVER been in. I don’t think that Play Muji has taken the interactivity of this calendar site to that level, but that may be a good next step in my opinion.

Here is a screenshot of the site.


Ikea Personalized Catalogs

I came across this ad at ads of the world and thought it was very creative. I was not entirely surprised because IKEA is a very creative company and has done some good work in the past. The concept sets up the cover image of IKEA’s catalog in a number of heavy traffic locations such as shopping malls. The set allows people to get their picture taken on a recreation of the set that is on the cover of their massively popular catalog and recieve a copy of the catalog with themselves as the models. A very well created campaign. Below is a video about the campaign:


Photoshop goes guerilla!

I was surfing along on the blog creative bits and came across an interesting article profiling an adbusting campaign out of Berlin. The movement is carried out by creating photoshop window stickers that transform the ad from a billboard into a what appears to be a photoshop workspace. As you can see by the photo, this ad is to represent the false images of beauty that are presented in today’s print media. Images of celebs and beautiful women in these magazines and billboards are often heavily altered and give the false impression that these women are flawless in appearance. This in turn often creates a negative body image for “real women”.


See the full story here…

The campaign reminds me distinctly of the Dove “Real Women” campaign. I thought there use of photoshop imagery within that campaign was also extremely well done and effective. Kudos to Ogilvy for Dove and kudos to those innovative Berliners.