Creative Chaos is Brewing (PUN INTENDED!)

OK! So I am really excited to be working with OU Ad Club this year. We are working on our NSAC campaign (for which we are reigning National Champs!) for The Century Council to promote safe drinking habits in college (hence the pun in the title). I can’t go into any detail because the competition is yet to happen, but I will say that we are working on some revolutionary stuff. I can say I have never seen a safe drinking campaign quite like this one. More info to come in the next few months when the competition is over. Creative chaos is happening!


Doritos “Crystal Ball” takes top spot

So the Goliath has finally been conquered. After a decade of total Super Bowl ad domination, Budweiser has relinquished the top spot in the USA today ad poll. The Winner- Doritos Crash the Super Bowl entrant “Crystal Ball”. So I must say I am a bit disappointed. Not only did my hands down favorite Doritos ad “New Flavor Pitch” not win top spot, it never saw any ad time. In fact, Crystal ball was probably my third choice for even the best Doritos ad. It definitely was funny, but it didn’t have near the acting prowess, nor the comedic timing as did “New Flavor Pitch”. But anyways, congrats to dethroning the king (of beers). Also, congrats to that $1 Million dollar payday coming to the 2 unknowns that made the ad as promised by Doritos for taking top spot in the poll.

For those who may have missed the ad, see the link below:


Today is the day!


Well, today is the day. The Super Bowl is around the corner and that means the years best commercials all meet in one place. For $3 Million for 30 secs, they better be the years best. I was reading that this year, Doritos is offering the winner of their “Crash the Super Bowl” contest an extra $1 Million bonus if the spot takes number one in the USA Today poll on Monday. They are going to need some luck however, seeing as how Budweiser  has taken the top spot for the last 10 years. I am hoping “New Flavor Pitch” wins because that spot is classic and I actually think has a chance, especially recognizing the core demographic of the Super Bowl. Regardless of who comes out on top, with the $3 Million price tag this year, I am expecting some great spots and am really looking forward to the ads, oh yeah, and the game!

Marketing yourself

I recently came across this article on Ad Age and thought it brought up a few good points. As a marketing student with a major interest in the field of advertising, I often see a major disconnect between the two disciplines. Many may expect that marketing and advertising are very similar in college, and in some ways, they are. However, I do see that many advertising majors (which is in the School of Journalism at OU) lack analytical as well as professional sales tools. Many marketing students (in the School of Business) lack creative and writing tools. I have been fortunate enough to gain experience in both majors, which has helped me to develop a set of well rounded disciplines in my portfolio. As this artcle points out, it is a major advantage to understand both left brain and right brain processes to be successful in marketing and advertising, and I would certainly agree.